Shlomit Skin Ecology OneTone Creme

Shlomit Skin Ecology OneTone Creme

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Illuminate. Brighten. Fade. Revive.

This lightweight, skin-illuminating, creme addresses multiple causes of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Targets dull, discolored skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and sun damage while brightening the complexion and boosting luminosity.
Combines a multifunctional form of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) for powerful brightening, barrier strength, elasticity support and sebum control, with Red Algae to rapidly fade the appearance of senescent and UV-induced spots. Ergothioneine, a poweful amino acid, energizes and detoxifies, transforming uneven, dull, and pigmented skin into a supple, visibly brighter and more youthful complexion.

For accelerated brightening results, apply 1-2 pumps generously over face, morning and evening, over clean skin, following application of OneTone Serum.

- Visibly brightens discolored complexion
- Diminishes intensity of brown spots
- Improves uniformity of the skin tone
- Fades age and sun-induced discoloration
- Supercharges dull, tired complexion
- Maintains flawless and radiant tone
- Softens aged, ashy deposits
- Revives youthful luminosity and clarity

Hyperpigmented, Age & Sun Spots, Sun Damaged, Glycated, Discolored, Uneven Tone & Texture, Dry & Ashy, Tired & Sluggish, Energy-Depleted, Pollution-Exposed, Cigarette Smoke-Exposed

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