Our Story

Welcome To The Beauty Network!

Beauty Network was founded in San Francisco, California in 1986 by David and Shlomit Heller. This September, they will be celebrating 36 years of dedication to the top skin, hair, and body products and treatments.

Beauty Network's product selection is vigorously researched by their team to ensure ingredients and results are superior, delivering what reviewers consistently recognize as the cleanest and best products. They strive to provide you with products that promote health and wellness for both you and the environment. Beauty Network offers same day shipping and, when requested, will special order products that they do not have.

David and Shlomit are proud to be a part of the Geary Boulevard community, and encourage you to stop by and say hello the next time you’re in San Francisco! "We love meeting new people, giving personalized recommendations, and delivering our best customer service," says resident esthetician and owner Shlomit, "it's so important for community members and local businesses to support one another".

Shop Beauty Network to support a cherised small business and give your skin the care and treatment it deserves.

Shlomit Heller

Shlomit is a passionate esthetician who has been practicing for over 30 years with these same ideas: healthy skin is achieved by improving your gut health and improving the topical environment of the skin. Shlomit uses her knowledge of chemistry, physiology, gut and skin health to customize skincare treatments and help her clients reach their healthier skincare goals, no matter how many skin issues and concerns they might be dealing with.

After integrating a healthier lifestyle for herself and her clients, and so many years of studying integrative ideas and principles, Shlomit is able to help her clients of all ages make healthier choices to improve their skin. Many skin conditions begin in the gut— and Shlomit uses an approach which focuses on both healthier food and lifestyle choices and improving the ecology of the skin itself to promote better skin, and better overall health.

Shlomit personalizes every client's treatment by using an integrative and informed appproach to skincare regimen building and treatment. Specialized treatments help conditions such as: sensitivity/rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, aging & oily skin. At Beauty Network, Shlomit curates a collection of several pharmaceutical-grade skincare lines such as Medicalia, Pevonia Botanica, and PCA Skin in addition to her own cruelty free, plant and mineral-based skincare line: Shlomit Skin Ecology. Shop Shlomit Skin Ecology and, if you are in San Francisco, book an appointment with Shlomit to learn more about how to protect, heal, and nourish your skin.

David Heller

David created the Beauty Network in 1986 with the vision that it would be a welcoming place, open to all who are searching for the best skin, hair, and body products. After the birth of the Internet, David wanted to expand his business and created an online store that sells worldwide. The Beauty Network is recognized as a top seller for Medicalia products and is the only seller of Shlomit Skin Ecology. David is also the President of the Greater Geary Blvd Merchants Association. He strives to support small, local businesses located on Geary Street in San Francisco.