About Us

Portrait of Shlomit Heller

Shlomit Heller is a licensed esthetician with over 20 years of clinical experience. Her clinic has been located in the city’s Richmond District for over 25 years. Shlomit has extensive experience & success using modalities such as chemical peels & combination therapy, to treat various skin conditions. Her knowledge of chemistry and physiology gives her a unique & vast understanding of skin function and health. Overall, Shlomit provides customized results-based treatments & regimens for the healthiest skin!

Shlomit carefully selects and uses scientifically-proven products and treatments in her practice. She chooses to carry several pharmaceutical-grade skincare lines, so she can recommend the most appropriate & effective products for clients. She begins every visit with a thorough evaluation and customizes the treatment session to meet the individual needs of each client. She employs a full range of proven treatments—chemical peels, Silk Peel, and facials—to address various skin concerns related to: aging, acne, sun-damage, rosacea & more. Shlomit also prescribes a clinical skincare regimen tailored to each individual's needs, as part of the consultation. She is an expert in hair removal using a unique European waxing method that minimizes pain and reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

Shlomit stays educated in the latest developments in chemistry, health, nutrition & beauty. Not only by constantly doing her own research, but also by attending continuing education conferences regularly. She goes above & beyond the scope of your average esthetician, by associating with health professionals such as: dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists & wellness coaches to determine connections between lifestyle/diet & skin concerns. Shlomit takes the time to educate her clients on both external and internal factors that influence the skin’s condition and believes in a holistic approach —she emphasizes a sensible, balanced lifestyle in addition to a great skincare regime in order to achieve glowing, healthy skin.

She has long-been an advocate of using the cleanest, purest and most natural ingredients, and in 1995 was the first esthetician in San Francisco to carry the award-winning Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup line, which is endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Her clinic features many brands of natural face, body & hair care products, including: vegan, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free & much more!