Marrakesh kaHm 2oz

Marrakesh kaHm 2oz

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Get that Brazilian look until your next Shampoo! KaHm straightening and smoothing serum uses Argan, Hemp and Vegetable Protein to mimic Keratin, leaving your hair naturally sick-straight without ever touching a flat iron! Just a small amount of kaHm applied to towel-dried hair before blow-drying will leave your locks runway ready in minutes.
Best of all, kaHm’s results are temporary- giving you the freedom to wear your hair how you want it, when you want it! KaHm fully rinses out with just one wash, leaving your hair exactly how it nature intended it. KaHm is perfect for those who like to flaunt both curly and straight styles, with the option to switch back and forth. There are so many commitments in life as it is- why commit to a hair style?
To use: Apply a small amount of kaHm to towel-dried hair (quarter-size amount to long hair, nickel-size amount to short hair). Blow dry with a flat “paddle” brush. Use sparingly.
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