Photobiotic ™ Gel Creme

Photobiotic ™ Gel Creme

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This ultra-lightewight, deeply hydrating and refreshing gel creme addresses some of the most recently identified aging culprits inclusing: Screen/Digital Aging (Blue Light) and Infra-aging (IR) EcoVigilance & Microbiome Health & Air Pollution. All while protecting the skin's natural moisture balance.

This luxurious gel creme is designed to release a flood of weightless moisture into the skin upon contact for immediate and long-lasting hydration without a sticky or greasy texture. A groundbreaking combination of clinically proven Prebiotics gives skin the fighting chance against damaging, and aging free radicals.

Bioecolia® is a 'prebiotic glycan' clinically proven to promote the growth of friendly microorganisms to protect the skin from harmful microbes and control skin pH - keeping the skin healthy & clear.

Rhamnosoft® is a natural bio-fermented sugar that interrupts dialogue between damaged cells, reducing the spread of inflammation and sensitivities caused by UV, pollution & bacteria. Skin will look calmer, feel better & be more protected from microbial invasion.

It infuses parched skin layers by tripling the amount of natural hyaluronic acid for a healthy, smooth & supple appearance.

How is light damaging our skin?:
Infrared (IR) has been recently discovered to induce a significant production of free radicals in the dermis, diminishing antioxidant capacity and enhancing oxidative stress. IR impacts the cells energy source - the mitochondria therefore impeding proper function.
Blue light or high-energy visible light (HEV) referes to certain wavelengths from sources including sunlight, screens from devices such as smart phones, computers, tvs & LED lights. HEV penetrates into the skin deeper than UVA/UVB & leads to photo-aging, uneven pigmentation, & loss of firmess and elasticity.
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