Daily Super Charge Serum 1.7oz by Shlomit Skin Ecology

Daily Super Charge Serum 1.7oz by Shlomit Skin Ecology

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Serum-Potency Treatment Moisturizer for Normal, Combination & Oils Skin

- Resynchronizes firmness and elasticity
- Supercharges dull, tired complexions
- Intensifies radiance
- Normalizes signs of past damage
- Restores youthful tone and clarity

Featuring TR-6 Complex: multi-action niacinaminde, Architectural peptides, Cell-signaling CT-peptide, Repair phyto-regulators, Protecting plant stem cells, Detoxifying cress sprouts

Revinage® reactivates youthful skin by decreasing cell turnover and plumping the skin from the inside out, visibly reducing the appearance of even the deepest wrinkles. Derived from Bidens piolosa an herbaceous plant from the Amazon is a multitasking PhytoRetinoid that mimics retinol's age corrective benefits, without the irritation seen with dermatology-strength retinoids.

Niacinamide restructures the barrier and increases hydration, while suppressing hostile skin flora that can endanger repair.

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