Caruso Ion Molecular Hairsetter

Caruso Ion Molecular Hairsetter

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Caruso Ion Molecular Hairsetter's non-damaging Ion Technology creates soft, voluminous curls and shine while reducing static and frizz. Caruso's Ion Technology creates up to 3 times the amount of steam of ordinary steam hairsetters and no damaging salt is used.

The Caruso Ion Molecular Hairsetting system includes 30 Molecular foam rollers. Use any of the five roller sizes. There are six of each size: petite, small, medium, large, and jumbo with sheilds and clips for shorter hair. Petite is for tight spiral curls, small for smooth bouncy curls, medium for soft curls and body, large for full curls and waves, and the new jumbo rollers create large curls and lots of volume. Caruso also gives you beautiful and easy to create styling ideas with their simple step by step styling guide.

With the Caruso Ion Molecular Hairsetting System, the molecular hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing - and because there is no damaging heat, you can use the Caruso system as often as you like. The molecular steam hairsetting system actually curls hair from the inside out. Since Caruso uses only water (no salt) to curl your hair, there's no risk of damaging the hair like traditional hairsetters. The gentle steam actually adds moisture and conditions hair as it curls.
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