Bella Luci 3oz Candles

Bella Luci 3oz Candles

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This beautiful 3oz candle comes in 8 gorgeous, assorted colors. We use pure American grown Soy and California beeswax, cotton lead free wicks and phthalate free high quality fragrances and essential oils. The burn time is 26 hours and is soot free. These little gems may be small but they put out a lot of fragrance and they look so beautiful when the light of the flame is coming through the glass. Its like a piece of fine art. The glass is food safe and re useable. We offer a drop-in refill for the candle as well. You would never want to throw this glass away. We believe in recycle, renew, reuse.

Essential Oil Scents:

A Touch of Green: The warm outdoor smell of Fresh Cut Grass. Bring in the fresh smell of spring even in the cold winter months when the house is all closed up.

Cranberry Fig: Tart and sweet all at the same time. Fill the air with a fragrant scent of mouthwatering cranberries and the subtle layering of fresh sweet figs.

Cucumber Crisp: The perfect blending of cucumber and melon. This scent is so crisp and delicious it will make you want to eat a salad.

Eucalyptus Rosemary: The perfect harmony of refreshing eucalyptus and earthy rosemary. Invigorating.

Pears and Pomegranates: The scent of lush and fragrant fresh pears just picked from the orchard with tangy undertones of juice pomegranates

Walk in the woods: Pine, fir and cedar will fill the air with the scents of a mountain forest. Close your eyes and you will swear you are on a mountain trail high in the Sierras.

Meditation in Blue: Get lost in this calm, soothing, meditating fragrance. It will clear your head.

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