AG BB Cream Hair Primer


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AG BB Cream Hair Primer

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BB Cream is the go-to, multifunctional hair primer, filling, smoothing, moisturizing and protecting hair against heat styling appliances and colour fading with AG’s exclusive CARE complex. This super rich, silky priming cream prepares and protects the hair prior to styling, evening-out porosity and leaving hair feeling thicker and healthier.

BB Cream primer is formulated with these 10 amazing benefits:
1. fills uneven hair cuticle
2. thickens hair
3. moisturizes and smoothes frizz
4. adds silkiness
5. protects against colour fading with AG’s CARE Complex
6. protects against UV rays
7. protects against damage from heat styling tools
8. anti-aging – reduces brittleness
9. humidity-resistant
10. primes hair to maintain styles longer between shampoos

BB Cream contains AG’s exclusive CARE (Colour and Radiance Enhancing) Complex: • Hydrolyzed keratin, wheat protein and silk amino acids –absorbed by the hair shaft to fill in gaps and even out the cuticle. The result: overall volume and texture of the hair is dramatically improved. These conditioning agents eliminate rough and coarse texture to make each strand feel silky-smooth, improve moisture and maintain your style longer.
• Vitamin A and E – Powerful antioxidants that help smooth the hair and add incredible shine while benefiting the scalp and slowing the hair’s aging process.
• CARE Complex – blend of antioxidants including sunflower seed extract, marigold, lavender, red clover, pine and carnation that fight-off free radicals and guard against UV exposure keeping your hair colour vibrant.
• Hydrolyzed wheat protein – protects each hair stand to prevent humidity and the damaging effects of heat.
• Superfruit extract – a powerful blend of superfruits including acai berry, aronia, goji, maqui, pomegranate, that are exceptional antioxidants and provide exceptional anti-aging properties.
• African moringa seed extract – Provides protection from environmental stressers like pollution, dirt and UV rays.
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