AG Restore Conditioner

AG Restore Conditioner

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Restore bounce and add a soft, silky look and feel to your hair with our decadent Restore Daily Strengthening Conditioner. Restore hair structure and condition from the inside out, allowing your fingers to glide effortlessly though your hair.

• Keratin amino acids, the primary building blocks of hair, penetrate the hair shaft, bonding, repairing and smoothing while adding strength, elasticity, moisture and shine and protecting against further structural trauma.
• Shea butter – super rich emollient smoothes, moisturizes and conditions
• Superfruit complex – a blend of superfruits including acai and goji berry, pomegranate and mangosteen fruit that offer extreme antioxidants and vitamins to promote hair health.

There are numerous reasons why hair might break including mechanical (brushing, elastic bands), chemical (colouring, bleaching, hi-lighting, chlorine, salt) and environmental causes (UVA/UVB degradation). These processes harm the outer cuticle of the hair shaft leaving hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage.
Since keratin is the primary building block of the hair cuticle, introducing keratin back into the hair is the only way to repair it. Keratin penetrates the hair cuticle and bonds to the brittle, broken scales helping to restore strength and moisture, and prevent further damage.
The Keratin Repair category is formulated specifically with an abundant amount of keratin to make your hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier with each use, and can be used daily as a reparative and preventative treatment. It is not possible to overuse keratin.
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