AG Thikkening Lotion

AG Thikkening Lotion

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Specifically designed to not weigh down fine hair, ultra lightweight Thikkening Lotion contains a high concentration of AG’s Regenerative Complex* helping create the optimal environment for hair growth. Powerful strand volumizers plump individual hair shafts, resulting in thicker more lustrous hair instantly.
*AG’s Regenerative Complex, containing clinically-proven pea sprout extract coupled with ginseng and ginger, helps create and maintain an optimal environment for healthy hair growth and fuller looking hair

•Panthenol – helps thicken the hair shaft.
•Silk proteins – add moisture, strength, elasticity and shine.
•Pea sprout extract – rebalances the lifecycle of hair by prolonging the growth (anagen) phase, improving hair density and fullness.
•Organic tilicene – makes hair feel fuller and thicker by forming a protective film on hair.
•Ginseng root extract – stimulates the scalp’s metabolism helping bring nutrient-rich blood flow to the hair cells.
•Ginger root extract – anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiseptic.
•Rosemary leaf – creates a healthy environment for hair growth by disinfecting and soothing the scalp.
•Sage leaf, nettle, chamomile, wild cherry bark and hops herbal extracts – soothe the scalp and add shine to hair.
•Aloe barbadensis extract – derived from the aloe vera plant; provides therapeutic, moisturizing and healing properties.
•Menthol – soothes and heals scalp.
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