AG Stucco Matte Paste

AG Stucco Matte Paste

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Stucco’s non-greasy, moldable formula let’s you create a unique texturized matte finish to any style. Natural, oceanic sea clay enhances separation while it conditions the hair, replenishing moisture and protein.

Hold Factor: 2/5
Stucco is created with oceanic clay originating from British Columbia’s coastline. Coveted for its homeopathic qualities, it also happens to be an outstanding hair texturizer.
• Natural oceanic clay – enhances texture and conditions hair. Contains over 70 minerals that have conditioning benefits that replenish moisture and protein in hair.
• Kaolin (China Clay) – helps to absorb oil and provides a matte finish
• PVP/DMAPA copolymers – provide hold yet rinse effortlessly from hair
• Herbal extracts – soothe the scalp and add shine to hair
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