Medicalia Oily Skin "Hydro-Matte" Toner 5 fl oz

Medicalia Oily Skin "Hydro-Matte" Toner 5 fl oz

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Medicalia Oily Skin "Hydro-Matte" Toner
Medicalia "Hydro-Matte" Toner for Oily Skin is the next step after using the Exfoliating Cleanser to remove any excess debris and oils from the skin. Formulated with the latest botanical extracts to provide maximium freshness and oil control.
Because of the glycolic acid and salicylic acid ingredients this toner will also help tighten the pores and reduce the oil production of the sebaceous glands. This product is part of the Physician Strength Oily Skin Care regimen, best used with other oil control products in the Medicalia line.